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Tease Me Thursday


Promo 3 Day Blast: THE VOICES OF ANGELS by Peggy Jaeger


Review/Promo Tour: VOICES CARRY by Diane Rinella


Cover Reveal: HOSTILE by Cameo Renae

Title: HOSTILE (The After Light Saga, #4) Author: Cameo Renae Genre: YA Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic Publisher: CHBB Cover Design: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design Photography Edited by: Victoria Schmitz - Crimson Tide Editorial Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Wanted.It’s something I’ve had to get used to since being placed on the government’s Most Wanted list. On the run, with my family and Finn by my side, we now have to evade not only the Arvies, but teams of soldiers sent to find and capture me.Little do they know, I’m battling my own demons. After the receiving large doses of mind-enhancing serum, a monster has been unleashed inside my mind. It promises death and destruction; its power, greater than anything I could imagine. Now, I’m too dangerous, and the lives of my loved ones depend on my separation from the group. I must leave and face the hostile world alone.My name is Abigail Park. I will do whatever it takes to save the ones I love.Tag Line: Sometimes all you need is hope . . .…

Double Release Blitz: Thirst & Burn by L.L. Hunter

Title: Thirst Series: The Dragon Heart Series book 4 Genre: YA paranormal fantasy/ urban fantasy Author: L.L. Hunter Release Date: March 31st, 2016. Formats: eBook and print Blurb Ash and Eva have been reunited. Henry has found his brother. Happily ever after. The end. Right? Wrong. They may be together, but all is not what it seems. They soon discover everyone has their own goals. Some want freedom. Some want blood. And most want answers. Who will lose their life in the thirst for power? Alliances will be forged, battles will be fought, and lines will be drawn. In the thrilling conclusion to the Dragon Heart series, will Eva and Ash finally have their happily ever after? Crave Power. Crave Blood. Crave Freedom.

Release Blitz: HOUSE HUNT, the third book in The Power of Zero series by Jackie Keswick

HOUSE HUNTby:Jackie KeswickThe Power of Zero, #3Publication Date: March 30, 2016Genre: Adult, MM Romance, Romantic Suspense
Purchase: Amazon | Amazon PRINT | B&N | Kobo | ARe |Dreamspinner Ebook | Dreamspinner PRINTSynopsis: Jack Horwood hates owing favors. But when a simple day out to treat Gareth to the best oysters in England leads to a discovery of drugs and counterfeit money—things that neither Jack nor Gareth have the jurisdiction to handle—he has to call in help. Help that doesn’t come cheap, and that forces him to do something he promised himself he’d never do again—walk away from Gareth and the family he’s starting to make for himself. Three months undercover is a long time. After missing Gareth’s birthday, Jack is determined not to miss their first anniversary. But coming home and being home are two very different things. So when he is asked to assist with a corporate espionage investigation, Jack can’t say no, despite knowing it will impact his already straining relations…

Book Blitz: Blood Spelled by Gayle Parness

Blood Spelled by Galey Parness Publication Date: March 30, 2016 Genres: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooksSmashwords With Charlie back safely from his adventure in Faerie and the Unseelie Realm, Jackie believes she’ll have a chance to relax. However, she quickly finds herself engaged in a quarrel with her overprotective family over what role she should play in the battle that’s brewing between Faerie and the Demon Realm. She wants to be on the front lines, but Garrett and Charlie disagree, suggesting that because she’s a natural healer, her talents would serve the army best if she worked the medical unit. But Jackie has other ideas. Taking matters into her own hands, she gets busy with a new project, enlisting the help of some key friends to train a group of female fae who’ve never once wielded a weapon. With the threat of war breathing down their necks, why shouldn’t all females have a chance to learn to defend their home…

Release Tour: CLAIMED BY LOVE by Melissa Foster


Book Blitz: Playing the Game, Derek Backhard by Shawnte Borris

Playing the Game, Derek Backhard by Shawnte Borris Release Date: March 30, 2016 Genre: Romance Tour Dates: March 30, 2016
Since being drafted by the NHL to play for his home team at age nineteen, Derek Backhard has had everything he's ever dreamed of - unrivaled MVP mentions, countless goals and assists, even being compared to the great one. Holding the power to control his future in the palm of his hands, nothing stood in his way. Until the unthinkable happened, and everything about his life shifted. Past priorities fell away the moment he held baby Ryder in his arms mere moments after losing his close friend, and Ryder's father, Brad. After weeks of watching Liz fall apart over the loss of her husband as she struggled to adjust to life as a single parent, Derek vows to give her and Ryder everything they deserve, creating a life he never knew he always wanted. Rocked to her core by her changing feelings for him, Liz doesn’t know what to do with Derek or his offer. Uncertainty…

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: It Doesn't Pay To Be Bad by Marie Astor

It Doesn’t Pay to be Bad, Book 5 of the Janet Maple Series 
Janet Maple couldn’t be happier—she just tied the knot with the man of her dreams and her work 
partner, Dennis Walker. Back from their honeymoon, Janet and Dennis are about to settle into 
married life, but a simple painting they brought back with them turns out to be much more than a  memento. Suddenly, Janet and Dennis find themselves in the middle of an international art theft scheme,  tasked to entrap one of the most sought after art criminals in the world. There’s just one  glitch—Janet and Dennis aren’t exactly art buffs. Will the duo have what it takes to get the job  done? *It Doesn’t Pay to be Bad is book 5 of the Janet Maple Series, but it can be easily read on its  own.*


Twenty minutes later Janet and Dennis were in the hotel lobby. Janet had called Pierre 

before they went downstairs and he already had a car waiting for them.

“Madam, if I may, you look very stylish today,” Pierre complimented Janet on her ou…