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Blog Tour: Heart of Stone by SI Hayes

Title: Heart of Stone
                                                                  Author: S.I. Hayes
                                                                 Genre: Contemporary Romance
                                                                Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

Donnella Stone is as her name describes, cold, powerful and rich. She is a true Manhattan Blue Blood. This has left her with a problem, the men in her life have often only come for what they can take from her, and it has never been her heart.
To protect herself she has rules and a non-disclosure agreement for all of her relationships with men, she gets what she needs, and promises opportunity, means and her silence once the length of the arrangement ends. It has worked for a decade.
Until she meets Matthew Mayfield, an adorable, awkward artist from Connecticut whose work and passionate attitude instantly intrigue …

Pre-Order Blitz: Lucky Penny by L.A. Cotton

Lucky Penny 
L.A. Cotton
Contemporary Romance
November 30, 2015

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I was his lucky Penny. He was my light in the dark, hope in despair. Our bond was one of survival, friendship...first love. 
But then we were ripped apart and Blake Weston became the memory I turned to when everything else in my life fell apart. 
Seven years later, a summer working at Camp Chance is supposed to be my fresh start. Beautiful scenery and the chance to better the lives of foster children - kids like me. But when my eyes land on him across the fire, time stands still and feelings come rushing back to the surface. I thought I'd moved on, tucked him away in my heart. One look into his soulful blue eyes and I know I'm wrong. Blake Weston can heal the broken parts of me. Restore my hope. Love me. 
It's our second chance. A sign we are supposed to be together. 
Isn't it?
I was twelve when I survived the accident that killed my parents. Fourteen wh…

RELEASE DAY: Velicious Part Two By: Shelique Lize

VELICIOUS PART TWO By:Shelique Lize Series:Velicious Series #2 Publication Date: December 7th, 2015 Genres: Paranormal Romance * Velicious Part Two cannot be read as a stand alone.

Justice Labelle has lost too much in this war of monster and men, and it needs to stop now. After her run in with Erin, which left her lying in a hospital bed, black and bloody blue, Justice is no longer going to sit by and simply accept the twisted hand, that has been dealt. Especially since she now has superhuman powers, all thanks to her being a Doll. Her one and only passion– To get through College and practice law at a top tier firm, is fading from her grasp and its all because of Calvin, Dante, Vampyres and the Government. In fact the government has more secrets than kids have candy… And they’re all just as deadly as the enemies they hunt. But you know what? Justice has come up with her own master plan and heaven help the Vampyre, monster or human that gets in her way!  

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Pre Order Blitz: Dawn of Ash by Rebecca Ethington

Title: Dawn of AshAuthor: Rebecca EthingtonGenre: YA ParanormalExpected Release Date: Feb. 23rd, 2015Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours Blurb:  Underneath the deep red barrier Edmund has placed over the city, Prague is in ruins… Vilỳ hide in the darkened alleys, waiting to attack anyone who passes, while Edmund’s men roam the blood-soaked streets, scouring every crumbling building in a mad attempt to flush out Ilyan and his men. Among the danger, Ilyan and Joclyn are trapped, unable to leave the city. trying to keep their people safe behind a powerful shield, unseen from Edmund and his scouts.Wyn spends her days haunted by her daughter and watching Thom waste away from the mysterious curse slowly taking him.Ryland has risen above his father’s control, ready to take his place as his brother’s second. However, Sain needs his help first for a simple assignment, or so he thinks.Their safety is about to be shattered.A mole behind those safe, Cathedral walls has begun whispering through the …

Blog Tour: Lust by Jas T. Ward

Lust by Jas T. WardThe Shadow-Keepers Series #2Publication Date: November 17, 2015 Genres:Dark, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance Purchase: Amazon | Nook | Kobo The Second Book in the Wildly Popular Shadow-Keepers Series! ** THE INTRODUCTION OF THE NEW KEEPER - MCKENZIE MILLER** Can a heart that is walled away never to love or trust find its beat in one that is needing someone to save it? And what happens when that salvation is blurred? McKenzie Miller had never needed anyone. Not since she lost both her parents to a crime of passion at a young age. Shuffled from foster home to foster home, Kenzie finally took control of her own life and lived on the streets. Now she's an adult and she has a hard-wired survivalist core to never be used or abused again. She's strong and no one will ever hurt her--because no one will ever be let inside of the part of her that can still feel--her heart. Lana had everything that her parent's money could buy and until they lost it all in the econ…

Black Friday Book Blitz: ROGUE by Robin Bonzon

Title: ROGUE Author: Robin Bonzon Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance Publisher: Guardian Publishing Hosted by: Lady Amber's ToursON SALE FOR .99 CENT FOR BLACK FRIDAY!! Blurb: In a world where shape shifters have been granted limited rights as members of society, Dani takes on the role of investigator for her pack, and her first assignment threatens to bring back haunting memories. Rafe, her former mentor and the man who rejected her years ago, is leading a rebellion against the Wolf King, Mikhail, and she’s been tasked with proving his betrayal and bringing him to justice. Just thinking of Rafe brings back the heartache of the past, but she has a job to do and an important role to play, with the responsibility of protecting her pack, but at what price to herself? Robin Bonzon has been writing since she was a child, and has always been passionate about the stories in her head. She has a penchant for the Paranormal and can't resist hoping that werewolves and vampires really do exist.…