Free bird- He calls me free bird, yet I’m not the one who’s free. At least not as free as he is. He’s covered in tattoos, roaring down a Texas highway, and living life. I sit here, pondering what my life could be. It was only supposed to be fun, a few casual hook-ups. I’m Avery, flustered Barista- looking for a diversion. I’m not like the others. I’m not ready to give-in and accept my fate.
2- I didn’t have a clue that the pull would be so strong. To concede, or relent, to just submit to my feelings for her. She came looking for me, when I had no idea I wanted to be found. She’s so strong, it’s mesmerizing, but I’m not the only one who notices. Just when it hits me of what’s right in front of me, waiting, things turn chaotic. I’m 2 Piece, a stubborn member of the Oath Keepers MC. You think you know me because I’m a typical biker? You don’t have a clue. Together, this is our story. Can we relinquish and submit to our hearts?

A soft vintage portrait of a glamorous woman. 

Secrets - Book #1


Exposed - Book #2

Sapphire Knight is the author of Secrets, Exposed, and is working on book three- Relinquish. Her books all reflect on what she loves to read herself. Sapphire is a Texas girl who is crazy about football. She has always had a knack for writing, whether it is poems or stories. She originally studied psychology and that has only added to her passion for writing. She has two boys and has been married for ten years. When she’s not busy in her writing cave, she’s busy playing with her three Doberman Pinschers. She loves to donate to help animals and watching a good action movie.


Excerpts By Sapphire Knight for Relinquish
I follow her delicate skin down over her stomach straight to her bare pussy. She spreads her legs a little and I can see the outline of her lips perfectly. I clear my throat and glance up at her. Her eyes are dilated and she looks like she’s ready to devour me. I make a ‘come here’ motion with my fingers and she walks toward me, stopping about a foot in front of me. She knows to do what is instructed when she’s in my room and she will enjoy every minute of it. I suck on my pointer finger, and then reach straight for her core. I run my finger softly over her swollen pussy lips until I get to her opening. I push my finger deep inside her. She leans forward to grasp onto my arms and she gasps, a small silent moan. I try to keep her quiet when we’re together because it always turns her on and makes her louder for me in the end. I feel her pussy contract and squeeze my finger inside her. She’s tight, so fucking tight. My hard cock throbs desperately, calling out to her clenched pussy. I run my nose softly along her neck and take a deep whiff of her sweet smelling skin.
“Ah, baby, you’ve been a good girl, hmmm?” I query and pump my finger inside her a few times. Each time I insert it, her cunt clenches tightly around it. Her cheeks and chest flush as she gets more excited. Her stomach muscles tense. “I can smell that tiny pussy getting turned on.”

“He’s still behind us,” Avery yells out and buries her head into my back again.
“Babe, stop looking back there. I have fuckin’ mirrors that can see him!” I holler back and concentrate on the road in front of us.
I wonder what his plan is, following me around. I start to give the throttle a harder push and pick up speed. The wind chops through my hair and I feel Avery’s fingers flex on my stomach. The bike vibrates through my body as I grip the handles tightly. The rumble of the engine grows with the extra shot of fuel sent to it. I glance to the mirror. That fucker is getting closer, I knew this wasn’t some friendly visit. A high pitched scream rings out from Avery and I almost swerve.
“Aaaagh! He has a gun, 2 Piece! Go, go, go!”
As soon as her words register, I give it more gas and roar down the busy street. My gut compresses in anticipation of what’s to come. I get a spike of adrenaline and start to weave in and out of traffic, trying to calm my shaking and not throw Avery off the back.

3-“Heya, Avery, can I borrow you?” he grumbles, appearing peeved. I look at him, confused, wondering what he could possibly have to say to me. The other night was awkward enough, I really don’t know if I can talk to him without blushing like a school girl after being a prude and locking myself into the bathroom. I tilt my lips into a miniscule smile and nod. Probably better to say as little as possible, I don’t want to come off as a complete hot mess to this beautiful man. He nods back and walks to a small table toward the back of the room. I always see him sitting at the same table in the bar area, nearly at the same time daily. “Sit, please.” He gestures with his hand to the opposite seat.
“Okay, sure.” I sit across from him and look down to play with my nails. I have no clue what on Earth to say. I’m so embarrassed to be sitting in front of him like this. Please don’t bring up the other day, please.
“So I wanted to get with you ‘bout the other day.” Damn it. Obviously this day is not working with me, but against me. I keep staring at my nails hoping I will just disappear suddenly and reappear on a nice beach somewhere. You ever wonder if you sit still enough, whether maybe you can just blend in? Well, that’s what I’m going for right now.

“How do I know if you’re genuine? You could be fake as fuck right now, and bad mouthin’ me when you have her alone.” He looks at me with confusion and annoyance. ”Look, I just call it like I see it,” I say and shrug. I take a large gulp of coffee and damn near burn my tongue off. I choke that shit down though. I will not look weak in any aspect in front of this blonde-haired brute.
“I’m here to help you and to protect Avery. I have no reason to be misleading. I will simply say what I think to your face. Clearly I am not scared of you.” He nods toward my cheek where I have a dark bruise from the fight we got into.
“Yes and clearly I am not scared of your ass either,” I reply and nod toward his forehead. It’s where the cut is right above his eyebrow, from one of my punches. I may not be the biggest guy around but I’m not going to let anyone think they intimidate me. It’s probably stupid. I know Nikoli could seriously kick my ass, most likely. Being in the club life though, you learn to stand up for yourself and not take any shit.
“Very good. Then we move past. I won’t speak of it again.” I nod my acceptance of the mutually agreed to terms we just reached. I catch him talking shit and stirrin’ up stuff with me and Shorty, then it’s fuckin’ on like Donkey Kong.

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