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Fair In Love Tour Banner Fair in Love by Jerry Sacher Publication Date: May 18, 2015 Genres: Contemporary, LGBT, M/M, Romance
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Synopsis: Travis McAllan is one of America's top country music stars—loved by fans, he lives the dreamed-of life of a country boy who has made it. The lifestyle of a star, however, comes at a cost, and Travis keeps his sexuality a secret until he meets Geoff Randsell. The attraction is immediate and jolts Travis from his life of pretense. Geoff has a secret of his own—he’s in a rocky relationship, and he’s not impressed by Hollywood glitz. When he falls for Travis, Geoff is swept off his feet, and he is both dazzled by and apprehensive about the celebrity lifestyle of private planes, mansions, and travel. When a photographer sells a picture of Travis and Geoff to the tabloids, their courtship and private world comes under fire. Travis must risk his music career to be with the man he loves, and Geoff has to make the difficult choice to accept a life in the public eye. In the face of increasing pressure, Travis and Geoff must stay true to themselves to get to the altar and say “I do.”
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About Jerry Sacher

Jerry Sacher
Jerry Sacher currently lives in Chicago with his partner Dean and two cats in an apartment crammed with books.
He writes every day from the local coffee shop, his “office,” and when he’s not writing, his interests are San Francisco, the Titanic, and listening to records on an antique phonograph.

Excerpt 1:

“Geoff, I want you to meet Arnie.  He’s a model and an aspiring country singer.”  Lu beamed, but Geoff didn’t get to say hello before Arnie turned to Travis and began gushing, pumping Travis’s hand.
“Oh my God, Travis McAllan, you’re my absolute favorite singer.  It’s such a great honor to meet you.”  Geoff and Lu were apparently forgotten.
Travis smiled faintly and then stepped back.  “Whoah there, Arnie, are you trying to pump for water?  It’s nice to meet you too.”
Geoff leaned close to Lu and whispered, “Maybe you should get Arnie another drink.”  Lu nodded and grabbed Arnie once again.
“There’ll be plenty of time for autographs later,” she said.  “Let’s get something from the table.”  They walked away, but it was clear Arnie was disappointed he hadn’t gotten to spend more time talking to Travis.
Geoff and Travis surveyed the offerings on the table, and finally Travis said, “Let’s go somewhere for coffee or a drink.  I don’t want any of this.”  He made his way toward one of the backstage doors, and Geoff followed him.
“This is your party.  You can’t leave just like that….”  Geoff was excited by the prospect of being with Travis, but this was a charity event, and it might not look so good if one of the guests of honor left.  Travis didn’t seem to care.  He smiled and waved it all away.
“My brothers can handle the crowd.”  Travis led Geoff off the backstage area, down a narrow hallway, and into a dressing room.  He shut the door on the noise, and they were alone.  Travis removed his cowboy hat, giving Geoff a glimpse of his handsome face, curly black hair, and awkward smile.  They were standing so close their hands touched, and neither was surprised when the kiss happened.

Excerpt 2:

Travis said, “My brothers and I don’t own this plane.  We only charter it when we’re booked for one-night stands.  The rest of the time, we have a bus.”
Before Geoff could say anything, the attendant returned with the beer and a bowl of pretzels.  “Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes, Mr. McAllan,” he informed Travis.  “Just ring if you need anything else.”  Then he left them alone.
“Don’t worry, Geoff.  You’ll be safe with me.  I wanted to have ya all to myself without my brothers and your lady friend watching.”
“What about them?”  Geoff pointed toward the cockpit door and then looked behind him, where they could see the cabin attendant was preparing dinner.
“They know enough to keep quiet, and besides, it’s none of their business if I want to be with you.”
“Travis, do you do this with everyone you take out?  Take them up in private planes and all?  You don’t know anything about me.  I know even less about you,” Geoff said.
“I aim to find out all I can about you, and in case you’re wondering about me, yes, I do like men.  My brothers don’t know I’m gay, but they suspect.  My oldest brother, Robbie, is cool, and he would understand, but it’s Don that I worry about.  He thinks setting me up with what he calls ‘good women’ will change me, and if it doesn’t, then I face Big Jim’s wrath.”
“Who’s Big Jim, or do I not want to know?”
“He’s my uncle, and he’s a very well-known evangelist from Georgia.  He’s very antigay, and if he finds out about me….”  Travis drew a finger across his neck, but then patted Geoff’s hand reassuringly.  “Listen, don’t worry about him.  He barks but he doesn’t bite.”  Travis laughed, and though Geoff wasn’t exactly comfortable, he gazed out at the purple and red-gold sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Excerpt 3:

“Where were you, Lu?” Geoff asked.  “Our table is ready.”
“Take a look at this.”  Lu pulled a magazine out of her purse and handed it to Geoff.  The page was marked at an article titled “Travis McAllan – Gay?”  There were pictures of him and Travis in his kitchen in each other’s arms, holding hands, and nearly undressed.  “Did you know about his, Geoff?”
“No, but there were a couple of times we thought someone was hanging around the house.”
“You were just on the phone with Travis.  Did he say anything?” Lu asked, but she was interrupted by the loud clamor of Goeff’s phone.  It was an incoming call from Traivs. Geoff looked up from the screen and back at Lu.
“He probably knows now.”
Travis knew almost before Goeff.  He had finished talking to him on the phone and was sitting on the back porch strumming his guitar when his brothers and Marc came outside, all speaking and gesturing at once.
Travis laid aside the guitar and stood up, holding out his hands.  “Y’all sound like a bunch of hens.  What’s the matter?”
“This is the matter!” Don spat, throwing a copy of People magazine’s Country Special at Travis’s feet.  He picked it up and flipped through the photos of himself and Geoff.  He closed it calmly and lifted his head to face the three men in front of him.
“They’re good pictures,” Travis said, folding up the magazine and dropping it next to his guitar.

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