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Dark Star by Dennis Durfey 

Author Name: Dennis Durfey
Book Title: Dark Star
Book Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: October 6th 2014
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Tour Host: Silverbow Promotions

Book Synopsis:
After completing the mysterious test to become a Grand Magi with her shandar, Jerdone, Zandreena was looking forward to peaceful years of studying to perfect her magic. But fate and a prophecy of old made her leave her home and led her to an adventure and eventful encounter with the fearless Ash'len, the spiritual Danica, and the proud thief Ren, all of whom would play a role in her journey to finding the Orb of the Magi. This immense duty placed in the hands of this young Grand Magi was not welcomed by everyone, and she had to protect not only her life and her friends' but also her very mission to locate the orb. With the land stripped of its grandeur and serenity due to wars and dark magic, these young men and women must stay together, fight for their lives, and believe that fate would direct them to saving mankind.

Book/Purchase Links:
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24161860-dark-star?ac=1
Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/mxtw4fw
Paperback: http://tinyurl.com/myry6dx
B&N: http://tinyurl.com/lfs2dnx

Author Bio:
Dennis Durfey was born and raised in the mountains of centralUtah. After high school he attended Southern Utah State Collegewhere he graduated with an Associate Degree in Police Science and aBachelor of Art in Accounting.
Dennis moved to Ventura, CA where he worked for theDepartment of Defense for a couple of years before relocating to LasVegas, NV to join the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He has served there for the past 23 years, working in many areas from detective to combat instruction. He has also spent time as a martialarts instructor and holds a second-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.
Dennis is now embarking on his next adventure as an Author with his debut book, Dark Star.
He currently lives in Henderson, NV with his wife and two sons.

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/11529695.Dennis_Durfey
Dark Star by Dennis Durfey ~ Dream Cast
ZandreenaVienitra – Adelaide Kane 


                                             Ash’lenShantrialaDantray – Josh Holloway

                                                   Danica Dawn – Anna Poppelwell (with blonde hair)
                                                        RenticoCantaro – Zachary Gordon
                                             JerdoneJuanatrar–Chris Pine

                                               ChantilliaMindanela–Izabella Miko

                                                      AndalinaMindall–Mary Louise Parker
                                                    ArreatSchellmar–Michael Caine

                                                   Captain Mickal Kreston–Josh Duhamel

                                             MondarGardante - Michael Douglas

                                                    Sallizar–Sean Connery

The Dark Star by Dennis Durfey ~ Book Teasers

Teaser 1
A cool breeze whistled through the grove, causing the tall grass to sway in time with the rustling leaves.  In the middle of the grove was a young woman with long, black hair.  A white silk dress wrapped tightly about her slender frame.  The woman moved gracefully back and forth to an unheard rhythm.  The ancient form had no room for error as she moved through the complex motions.  At first glance it appeared that a light mist had risen up and swirled about her.  However, at a closer look, distinctive shapes could be seen; human forms of those long since dead joining the woman in her dance.
Zandreena had performed this dance countless times, but until now she had always performed it alone.  A rush of power and enlightenment went through her as the ancient spirits bestowed upon her their power and wisdom.  Completing the form, the spirits faded from mortal view.  She bowed deeply in respect as they departed.
Teaser 2
The horror returned stronger than before.  She was to be cooked and eaten alive!  “Who is your master?” again taking on a demanding tone
“Master is Master.”  Is all he said, turning back to his work.
Zandreena tore helplessly at the chain around her ankle.  This could not be happening, after surviving the test of the Grand Magi and surviving an attack by a Tarillion assassin, she was to die by a scrawny creature with delusions of grandeur.  “Gurrugant!” she yelled.  “Do you think I will just hang there and let you roast me over your fire?  As soon I am out of this cage I will tear this place a part.  I will bring such destruction upon you and your kind it will be remembered for centuries!”
The kobold seemed unimpressed by her threats and spoke without turning.  “You no scare, you sleep.  You no wake, magic be all mine.”
Teaser 3
In the midst of her peaceful trance she realized she was no longer alone in the tub.  Opening her eyes, she found the girl, who had assisted her earlier, gently washing her body.  Zandreena was at first unsettled, having another naked woman in the tub and running her hands over her body.  Embarrassed by the intimacy, she thought to protest.  But due to the girl’s soft caress, combined with the soothing water, she found herself in a state of euphoria, making her unable to break free of the trance.  Zandreena found herself unable to speak or move, with the exception of those movements requested of her by the girl, to assist in the washing.  She would have been alarmed by this, had she been able to care what was taking place.  Instead she found herself unable to do more than enjoy the experience.
Teaser 4
Before they could continue their discussion, an ear piercing shriek cut through the night.  Zandreena suddenly knew what Ren was feeling.  Looking in the direction of the scream, she could see nothing.  As she turned to look at Ash’len, he appeared frozen in place, his mouth a gap.  “Can you see it?” she cried out.
“It?” he asked in an eerie, almost reverent, tone.  “There are three of them.”
Zandreena’s turned deathly pale.  “Are you sure?” she asked, more out of disbelief than out of doubting Ash’len.  “Who could command three?”
“Three what?” Ren yelled in frustration.
“Dragons,” Ash’len said, not taking his eyes from the approaching horror.
Teaser 5
Along with the internal pain, he felt another sensation growing, as if he was being crushed by a giant vise.  Looking down at his body he realized he was changing, and growing larger.  As his body grew it was being crushed by the metal armor he wore.  Frantically he began tearing at the straps which held the armor in place.  Releasing several straps, while others were ripped apart by the growing mass beneath them, the armor fell with a loud clang upon the stone floor.
With the armor gone Marchurion believed relief would come, but still the pressure grew.  He tore away his clothing until he realized it wasn’t his clothing creating the pressure, but his own skin.  As his body continued to expand from the inside, his skin began splitting, creating more room for the new form beneath.  In an attempt to release the pain, he found himself tearing away his own skin, ripping it from his body, exposing a dark, leathery skin beneath.  Once the new skin was exposed, a long, dark grey hair quickly grew from it, covering his entire body.
Teaser 6
Just when it appeared the knights would reach their goal at the north end of the invaders, the ground beneath them trembled, and suddenly a gigantic, fiery creature burst from the ground.  At the end of its long, muscular arms, were claws hands nearly a pace in length.  On its head were four curved horns, two thrusting outward on each side.  As the creature crawled from the ground, it stood more than ten paces tall.  Rearing back its head, it released a piercing scream which struck fear in the hearts of both man and beast.  The horses around the creature bolted in terror, making it almost impossible for the master horsemen atop them to remain in the saddle.
“By the gods, what is that?” one of the mages whispered.
“That has nothing to do with the gods,” Estinshaw explained.  “That is a demon, brought forth by Travendar himself.”
Teaser 7
Then she did something he did not expect.  Removing her robe, revealing her light, simple dress beneath, she moved closer to him.
With tears in her eyes, she pleaded, “Hold me.”  Laying next to him, her back to his front, she accepted his arm, pulling it tightly around her.  Without another word she lay there, exhausted, overwhelmed and afraid, she softly cried herself to sleep.
Teaser 8
Immediately the remaining elves snapped from their trances, as only skilled warriors could do, and prepared themselves for another attack.  Three of them drew back a notched arrow, while the other two drew their swords.  Armed and in a tight circle, alternating sword and bow, they crouched into in combat stances, prepared for whatever would come upon them.  They would make their stand, avenge their companion, and stop this evil before it spread through their sacred forest.  No man or beast was a match for five experienced Elvin warriors, not in their home forest.  If it attacked again, they would be ready.  If it tried to flee, they would pursue it to its end.
Their wait was short, for it did not flee.  In a blinding flash of furry it was upon them, among them, seemingly everywhere.  A roaring growl mingled with the cries of death.  Then there was silence, such a silence as if the forest itself was void of life.  After an eternal moment the silence was broken by a thunderous howl into the cold night air.


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