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Forsaken Dylan Hart Odyssey of the Occult book 4
WARNING: Prevalent insanity.
The ever-cynical Dylan Hart has been given a run for her money. As her life crumbles around her, a new terrifying world makes itself known.
After a gut wrenching escape from New Orleans, Dylan and her group of oddball friends are left wondering if their lives will ever be as they were. Leaving Dylan with the fear she may be losing her mind all together. When new information comes to light, it becomes clear there is a veil of ignorance that has hidden away the ancient and deadly. As the truth claws its way to the surface, Dylan learns she's in more danger than she ever imagined.
Desperate to survive the consequences of her actions, Dylan seeks assistance from a less than trustworthy ally. The deeper into her own fears she delves, Dylan's standard unwavering resolve breaks away, leaving in its wake a raw center the world has yet to see of her. Prepared to fight to save herself and the last of the friends she has left, Dylan has to ask herself, what is the price of badassery? The answer just might be her soul.
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What are beta readers saying?
"Reveals, new questions, complicated frienemies, quality time with her dead bestie, Dylan's slippery ride into a fresh new hell and a wicked cliff-hanger. Best one so far!"
"Gun-totting, old questions answered, new questions arise, friend or foe? Demons, hauntings, and a smart mouth....Oh my. I agree with Jan, it is the BEST.ONE.SO.FAR."
"The bad ass bitch we know and love has upped her game and not even the undead are safe! Hell ain't seen nothing yet, here comes Dylan Hart!"
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